Boss ChickNBeer

Your neighborhood chick n beer diner

From the crazy chicks who brought you Boca Loca Burrito... an all-new uniquely Cleveland diner experience. 

Bring Boss ChickNBeer to life in Berea!

Some say we're crazy - to open two restaurants in the same small town - two blocks from each other. But this isn't just any city - and we aren't just any Boss Chicks. Boss ChickNBeer is about loving where you came from unconditionally, and not stopping at anything to make sure our community stays firmly planted in the landscape of the midwest. "In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have."

That's why we are asking for your help to get across the finish line.

Our hometown is Berea, and our downtown used to be a bustling place buzzing with energy and a strong sense of community: families headed to the movie theater, a pile of bikes outside the corner store, kids carrying pockets full of penny candy, and impromptu football games in full effect under the hot summer sun. We want to bring our hometown back to life, and as Boss Chicks, we know we have the power to do that. 

You've had our crave-worthy wings every Wednesday out of our little burrito shop. Maybe you've dreamt about them. You've told all your friends about them.  You've made plans a week ahead to make sure you got yours before we sell out!  The rumors are true - they really are the best wings in Cleveland.  But we want to keep our famous wings right here in Berea by giving them a home of their own - and making downtown Berea a special destination once again.  To do that, we are asking for your help.  Opening our own wing place is a huge project, and as it turns out, a bigger project than even we anticipated.

 This public house is coming from the heart, and we need you - our friends, fans, and loyal supporters - to help us finish what we started. We are close to completion of Berea's new chicken wing diner, but we are counting on you to help us gather the last $25,000 that we need to get the doors open!

...With your help and support - September 2018